Me A Blogger?

Me a blogger? Couldn't be. Who would want to read anything I have to say? What do I have to say? Most of what I have to say I give on Sunday Morning. Wait a minute, there is a thought: maybe if I "blogged some" I would preach less! Go from 40 minutes to thirty (Justin says "dad you've never preached a sermon under 50 minutes).

I do have a lot to give thanks for! A wonderful wife, two great sons, a beautiful daughter in law; an unbelievable church and staff, a great heritage, and the list goes on!

And I have a lot to complain about: three dogs under one roof, the reality that Clemson looks real good this year (I pull for USC), and no grandchildren yet!

So OK, I'll blog. Sometimes serious, sometimes not. Sometimes not at all. But let's see what happens.