Messed Up Pastor of A Messed Up Church

I am a person that gets to be a pastor.  I am a messed up person that experiences the love, grace, mercy, and power of God in my life.  I get to pastor a church of messed up folks that are experiencing the same from the same God.  We are all messed up coming together to experience Jesus.  He is perfect.  His love is perfect.  His comforter, the Holy Spirit, is perfect.  We worship and serve a perfect God.  

Wait a minute ... it doesn't stop there though ... We wont settle for less than what Jesus expects of us and what the Word of God provides for us as our standard of living.  Just because we come all messed up doesn't mean we will continue all messed up.  If that were the case, we wouldn't be called the church.

This church is a group of people that lives out love and will not allow each other to kill us, hurt others, and ourselves and die in our sin.  It will hurt and get messy but His love, grace, and power TRANSFORMS lives.  Not only will God see a transformed heart but also His body, the church, will see a transformed life.  An encounter that leads to growth, service, and lifestyle that is a witness to God's unfailing love and amazing grace!

Walk humbly and live in a way that is holy and pleasing unto the Lord.  You have a call on your life! You are the CHILD OF GOD, CHOSEN GENERATION, ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, HOLY NATION, and PECULIAR PEOPLE!

Enjoying The Ride, 

Pastor Cee