With Death Toll Now Passing 1,000 Souls, Israel Has Mobilized 300,000 Troops For Massive Ground Assault Of Gaza Set To Start In A Few Hours

With Death Toll Now Passing 1,000 Souls, Israel Has Mobilized 300,000 Troops For Massive Ground Assault Of Gaza Set To Start In A Few Hours

Israel is on the cusp of an armed military incursion into the Gaza Strip to battle Hamas terrorists who slaughtered over a thousand civilians this past weekend in a series of ruthless and cowardly surprise attacks.

Over the past 48 hours, Israel has unleashed a blistering barrage of rocket strikes on Hamas strongholds in Gaza, resulting in some eye-popping photos and videos that have been shared online. But compared to what’s coming in a few hours, those strikes will pale in comparison as Israel launches a ground assault on Gaza with hundreds of thousands of troops. Have you a Bible handy? Now would be a good time to open it, read it and believe it.

Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” Habakkuk 1:5 (KJB)

Not all of those 300,000 troops will be going to Gaza, a significant portion will be sent to the north to protect against an incursion from Hezbollah in Lebanon. Just how big this thing gets only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knows, but Israel will pay a heavy price for a ground war in Gaza. Many IDF soldiers will die. Hamas has already said they will begin executing their 150 Israeli hostages should a ground war take place. They are holding children, elderly, and many IDF soldiers as well. If you thought the events of last Saturday were bad, what’s about to happen will be so much worse. Now the end begins.


How Israel will carry out the siege of Gaza: With ground assault hours away, expert reveals how troops will be faced with deadly street-to-street battles at the risk of high casualties, combined with air power and artillery

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would deploy ‘unprecedented force’ that would ‘reverberate for generations’, with 300,000 military reservists mobilized in plans for an overwhelming ground attack. But the operation will be fraught with danger.

Unlike the last Israeli ground invasion of Gaza in 2014, in which some 2,300 Palestinians were killed, this time Hamas has captured up to 150 Israeli soldiers and civilians, who are now almost certainly dispersed throughout an intricate network of tunnels and hiding spots built in the past decade by the militant force.

Hamas has already declared its intention to execute civilian captives one by one if Israel continues its policy of devastating airstrikes on military and civilian targets in the densely populated Gaza Strip. Besides, Hamas has consolidated its power since the 2014 incursion and its military wing is thought to be tens of thousands strong – and could be supported by Hezbollah – with access to a serious arsenal of weapons provided over many years by Iran.

This means Israel would need to deploy hundreds of thousands of troops if it is to launch a full-scale invasion to wipe out Hamas – and the operation would likely share stark similarities with the bitter urban warfare seen in Mosul and other areas of Iraq. With this in mind, MailOnline spoke to leading military and defence analyst and RUSI Associate Fellow Sam Cranny-Evans to find out exactly how an Israeli boots-on-the-ground military operation could unfold.

‘At present, it seems likely that Israel is seeking the decisive defeat of Hamas and its military wing al-Qassam. That may result in very protracted and violent fighting,’ Cranny-Evans said. ‘We are already seeing the first phase of any full-scale ground invasion. Israeli airstrikes are most likely aimed at al-Qassam’s leadership, ammunition stockpiles and locations used to house and hide personnel. In this way, the IDF is likely seeking to degrade their ability to put up a coordinated resistance once troops move in on the ground.’

He continued: ‘The next phase may include movements to encircle the cities in Gaza and establish greater control over the whole area with troops and drones.

‘All of this will be accompanied by a build-up of supplies, munitions, medical facilities, food etc. Urban warfare consumes a lot of ammunition and leads to a lot of casualties. So, there will be efforts underway to ensure appropriate stocks in appropriate locations.

I think we should also expect to see the IDF taking measures against small drones with electronic warfare, as well as gathering signals intelligence on al-Qassam to improve its targeting capabilities.’ However, Hamas has already shown its willingness to engage in particularly brutal warfare, and is also more technologically advanced than previously thought, having demonstrated an ability to deploy aerial munitions via drone and makeshift anti-aircraft munitions.

This means Israeli forces would be in for a particularly bloody fight, Cranny-Evans said, likening the potential conflict to scenes from the most bitter urban fighting amid the Iraq war. READ MORE

The Israeli military sieged the Gaza Strip ahead of a ground assault in response to the surprise attack on Saturday that killed hundreds and wounded thousands.

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