This past week, our church started discussing what it means to have momentum in our lives. Crazy enough, as we have began talking about it, this week I am starting to see a lot of momentum. It is funny how if you are faithful to small things, God will begin to move in your circumstances. I have seen this happen in the life of my friends, whether poor or rich, in finances or spirit.

It is like something clicks inside of you. All of a sudden, the job you hate becomes something that you can’t wait to get up and do. You become less focused on not receiving the last raise and you begin to become thankful for the job you do have. You wake up next to an incredibly hot wife, who for some reason, you tend to forget about. Something changed, though you can put your finger on why.

People used to simply tell me, “Read your Bible and pray!” Sure this is a basic for most of us, but I think an openness to change your mind must be there first. At times, ashamedly, when I read my Bible I really don’t want to believe what it says. I used to wrestle a lot with God. I played the part of a believing agnostic. I wanted the chaos in my life, not sure why, it did me absolutely no good. I used to think anyone who could just believe so easily must be a religious lemming.

God has came through for me so many times, and usually in my moment of indecision and chaos. I don’t know if I can think of a time where God has failed me. I can think of times where initially I thought this, but the situation always turns out to be a teaching tool for me.

So now, I get up in the morning, go to a job I really enjoy. I work with people who I genuinely enjoy and everything is really working out smoothly. I hardly have any chaos compared to my past times. It feels a little strange, but everything is working like a well oiled machine. Are there still problems? Sure, but I am learning to know that chaos is part of life, how I respond to that chaos makes me who I am in Christ.


You can download the talk here!