More ACLU Quackery

Below is another email received from the ACLU today. Notice their subtle twist of facts to make the Catholic church the villains in this thing. It is a FACT that the new Obama healthcare plan forces ALL  insurance policies including the Catholic church to include contraceptives. The ACLU is nothing but a pawn of the left wing.

Anti-choice forces around the country are yelling from the rooftops about religious freedom. But what they actually mean is the use of religion to discriminate and deny millions of women access to birth control.

Now anti-family planning politicians in Congress are getting in on the action and trying to reverse the President's critical decision, which would ensure access to birth control for millions of women.

We must stand with President Obama — believe me, he's hearing from the other side, starting with Speaker Boehner who has pledged to reverse this rule.

Tell your members of Congress: Stand up to right-wing efforts to use religion to discriminate and deny millions of women urgently needed access to birth control. (Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.)

Let's be clear. The current law does not require religious institutions like churches or synagogues to include birth control in their employee's health insurance.

But, when lobbying groups — led by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — insisted that the exemption be expanded to include religiously affiliated hospitals, universities and other institutions, jeopardizing coverage for millions of women, the Obama administration drew a line in the sand.

If the lobbying groups get their way, a woman teaching at a Catholic university could not get coverage. Or, a nurse working at an evangelical Christian hospital could be denied access to basic health care.

Tell Congress to stand with the President and American women.

Anti-choice forces are screaming that the Obama administration's efforts to protect women's access to birth control are part of a "war on religion." This explosive accusation is untrue but their
hope is that if they repeat it often enough, they can get Congress to roll back our rights. We can't let that happen.

Religious freedom is about protecting people of all faiths, not imposing the values of some on the rest of us.