Multitasking And Cheating On God

Multitasking And Cheating On God


Are you cheating on God by starting your day with Multitasking?

The more still I wait before God, the more strength I receive from Him. Stillness is a gift from God that can be opened daily. Multitasking has become the standard way to start the day for many Christ followers. It need not be so and should not be so.

Multitasking mornings are pulling many away from still time with God. It’s not that God has removed stillness from our reach; many have simply replaced stillness that He offers daily with Twitter, Facebook, T.V., Radio and yes-even blogs you like to read.

God faithfully provides a place of stillness for you each morning if you will choose Him first. Don’t remain in a habit of multitasking as a way of starting your day. Instead, develop a habit, which will become a hunger for stillness.

Many are addicted to the overstimulation of their senses. The awareness of God that the morning attempts to bring to each of us is interrupted not even five minutes after we get out of bed. Our eyes and ears are first focused on media before they are focused on God. I’m convinced that we are losing our gift of being able to see God and hear God, which He has promised to the Christ follower.

John 10:27 speaks loud and clear, ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.’

I wonder, have you shelved this promise and replaced it with a day that starts with everything but God? If you have, you can change it. You can decide that tomorrow morning will be different. You can take back your gift of stillness that God offers you and become truly strong in Him again.

Multitasking is not God. God is about one task, and that task is to have a relationship with you. Have you been feeling weak in your faith walk? If you have, be still before Him and feel your spiritual strength return.

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