MY BOOK JUST RELEASED… “EVOLUTION: A Fairytale for All Ages.”…

MY BOOK JUST RELEASED… “EVOLUTION: A Fairytale for All Ages.”…


EVOLUTION IS DEAD!!! After 18 months, my book it ready to ship Prime via Amazon today! I hope you’ll read it.

CHARLIE (Charles Darwin) WAS WRONG… and the contents in this book will prove it without a shadow of a doubt. It’s 323 pages filled with 177 easy to read topics that expose the fallacy of evolution for what it is, a complete fraud. (Read the book “before” you comment against it)

Evolution keeps multiple millions of people from an eternal relationship with our creator God, which should be seen as a much greater threat than all the world’s diseases (Coronavirus included) combined, yet people still embrace it. How sad.

This book will change that viewpoint for many. The content in this book absolutely proves that God does indeed exist, and that evolution is nothing more than a fairytale.

If you believe that God created the world, this book will help you share it with your believing “and” non-believing family and friends. If you still believe in evolution, get ready to be challenged. BIG TIME!!

This book is NOT about bashing evolutionists/atheists, rather it’s about completely DESTROYING the “theories” of evolution themselves, and exploring deeper into Intelligent Design and the God who created and loves YOU.

And, to my atheist and evolution believing friends, PLEASE read the book from front to back “before” commenting on what you don’t know is inside. :-).

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