NEANDERTHAL MAN (100% Human and Evolution Crusher) To say Neanderthals…

NEANDERTHAL MAN (100% Human and Evolution Crusher) To say Neanderthals…

NEANDERTHAL MAN (100% Human and Evolution Crusher)

To say Neanderthals were merely subhuman or a transition between ape and human is ridiculous and ignorantly perverts the actual facts. A lot of evidence proves they were fully human.

Even Thomas Huxley, the vehement evolutionist and defender of Charles Darwin, said that the Neanderthal bones found in Neander Valley in Germany, belonged to HUMANS.

Many evolution and creation scientists agree that the deformed bones were from Modern Humans (homo sapiens) stricken with Arthritis and Rickets, due to lack of sunlight. This was the result of worldwide volcanic dust pollution during the ice age, forcing them to spend much of their time in dark, damp caves.

FAKE NEWS Report… Historical evidence shows that shady evolutionists had intentionally mismatched the upper and lower jaw, in order to make the Neanderthals look more like apes.

Check this out… A Neanderthal skeleton was found in Poland in 1908, buried in a suit of chain armor that was not even completely rusted. Think about this – NOT all rusted, yet evolutionists say they lived 200K to 300K years ago. – “Neanderthal in Armor” (in Nature Magazine, April 23, 1908, p. 587)

Think about it, we still see living apes today. We see man. Where then are the transitional beings that should be living among us today? Not even one? Heck, they can’t even produce one intermediate fossil. Yeah, solid theory. Right.

IN A NUTSHELL… Neanderthals made cave paintings, jewelry, fires, used cooking utensils they made for the food they gathered or hunted with weapons they crafted, buried their dead, walked upright like modern man, and had bigger brains than ours. Maybe modern day humans are the real pea-brains.

Neanderthals were 100% Homo-Sapien HUMAN. End of Story.

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