Neil’s Notes 2008-11-13 16:28:00

Squash the Dream...Squash the Dreamer
If I could do what I wanted and make a living I would be a writer and preach somewhere every weekend. I'm not saying I'm a good writer or that anyone would buy my books, I'm just saying that's what I would love to do. Perhaps when I'm old and retired that's how Julie and I will live:) This week our nine year informed us that she wants to be a writer, she's preparing to write a book, I was elated...her Mother, while supportive, is afraid that she'll starve to death, writer's she says don't make much money...I quickly related the names of some quite popular and wealthy writers and she relented...but there was a spiritual side to this for me...are you surprised? We have told our children that they can do and become anything they desire, that within them is potential, promise, and destiny. They are children of God, they have a destination inside of them, they simply have to dream, prepare themselves for the dream, and walk out what is in their hearts. The prophet Jeremiah said that the prophet who has a dream should tell it, He said to be boldly proclaim what is inside of their spirits...that's what I say about our children, let them dream, let them speak boldly what is in their hearts, and walk toward that thing that lies so deeply within them. Chances are our little may desire to become several things in her future before it really hits, but what if this is it? What if God has called her for this purpose? If you squash the dream you will also squash the dreamer! To tell them they can do and be anything and to not allow them to go for it will cause them to stop dreaming...Julie and I both want our girls to dream and to dream big, to go for it, to never fear failure...they are and they will be something...and it will be great! Keep dreaming...don't let anyone squash your dream!