Neil’s Notes 2008-11-18 15:24:00

In Pursuit of Pizza
There is no spiritual side to my thought today, I am in a state of confusion! Julie and I have been out of town this weekend, came home last night and our girls were craving too! Kaitlin takes a college class on Monday evening so she leaves with the promise that there will be pizza when she gets back...Julie, Madison and I pack into the car and head for Capri's...absolutely one of the best pizza places in town, actually, anywhere for that matter...pull up in front of the plaza and it's closed. So we head for Sergio's, fantastic pizza, my favorite in's closed...what's up with that? Julie thinks Monday must be an Italian holiday or after being sorely disappointed, we ended up ordering, not the game...Sunday is the day of rest, Monday is the day feasting...we're in hot pursuit of up the pizza place!