Neil’s Notes 2008-11-18 17:23:00

If Others See Jesus Through Our Eyes...What Do They See?
I've been reading some comments from people who have recently read the number one best seller "The Shack". It's a fictional story of a man whose daughter was abducted and killed, who would later be drawn to the cabin where her attacker had killed her, while there he encounters God in three dimensions, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a unique book, one that I would certainly recommend, but also remind the reader that it is fiction. Many of the comments I've read are negative or insinuate that this book has a subtle message, I'm Ok with people not liking the book, I've read things that I don't like that others rave over...but here's the thought that floods my mind. Where many people struggle is the image of God that is depicted in the book, that God may not look like we think He looks, that His persona is not what we imagine Him to be, the truth be told, we all have a perception of God that creates the way that we view Him. I wonder if how we depict God is how we respond to Him, then is it also true that as ambassadors and representatives of Jesus Christ we are to reflect His image so others can see Him through us. And if others are seeing Jesus through us, then what are they seeing when they look through our eyes? The Bible says we are His epistles known and read of all men, so if we are the only Bible some people ever read, what do they read when they read our lives? Do others see Jesus as a loving, forgiving, and accepting Savior, do they see Him as a healer and the Holy Spirit as the comforter? Do they see grace and mercy, do they hear the voice of a tender shepherd? Or do they see One who will kick them out the door and roll them under the bus if they displease Him? Does my life reflect who and what Jesus really is enough that others will want to follow Him? Will I be like those in the Book of John who came saying, "Sirs, we would see Jesus?" If others see Jesus through me...what will they see?