Neil’s Notes 2009-01-02 18:04:00

The Lord's Sense of Humor
I went to the post office today to pick up a package, an order I had place for our youngest daughter arrived while I was in Florida and there was some postage due so I had to go pick it up. This is my first trip to this Post Office so I arrive only to find a long line and what appears to be one window far I'm not impressed. The line progresses on and I realize there are three windows open, it just seems like one it's moving so slow, one lady leaves and one seems unfriendly...guess who I get? Now, I only owe 2.58 and have the money in my hand, I sign the paper, she goes to get my stuff, hands me the package and says, "I'm not worried about that, don't worry about it!" I left saying to the Lord and myself, a small blessing and a huge lesson, sometimes in our patience and our ability to look beyond the exterior there are great blessings to be found!