Neil’s Notes 2010-04-10 22:36:00

It's Time To Turn Around
2010 has been an interesting year in my life to say the least. I started the year off by having a heart attack while preaching New Years day, was rushed to the hospital and had a stent put in only to find out that I would also need open heart surgery. To make matters worse we had no medical insurance so the hospital I was at would not allow me to come back for the surgery, instead they sent me home to rest and build up my heart and find someone to do my surgery. The Lord provided and on February 9th I had triple bypass at Mercy Hospital in Fairfield, OH. During this time I have found myself hiding, not depressed or feeling sorry for myself, just hiding, not allowing creativity to flow through me, I've quit writing, and simply hidden myself from things I have always valued. For me it's time to turn around, to get back on track and to follow the flow of direction that is in my heart. It's amazing how easily we get distracted, kind of like looking off to the side while driving, one minute the car is going straight down the road and the next your in the middle of the road with cars honking at're still on the road, just not where you're supposed to be. Sometimes you have to turn around and get back on track...that's what I'm trying to do today, get back on track!