#NOAH movie misses the boat according to #BIBLE

According to the Huffington Post on March 31, Darren Aronofsky’s new $100 million film “Noah” was released last Friday in 3,936 theaters to a huge wave of media attention. Google News lists over 1,400 stories about the film, and the internet movie database lists 2,217 articles. The movie had an impressive opening day of an estimated $44 million in ticket sales.


  1. There are no rock monsters in the Bible as portrayed in the movie.
  2. In the Bible, God spoke directly to Noah and told him exactly what to do. In the movie, Noah had to guess what God wanted him to do.
  3. Noah invited everyone. He did not try to keep them off the ark
  4. In the Bible, all three sons had wives. That would account for the eight people who were saved by being in the ark according to the Bible.
  5. In the Bible, there were no stow-aways in the ark.
  6. In the Bible, Noah was a righteous man. That’s why God chose him to build the ark. In the movie, Noah tried to kill his grandchildren. There were no grandchildren in the Bible.
  7. Noah was not called to preside over human extinction.
  8. While the movie was entertainment to many, Christians should not turn to Hollywood for theological truth. If so, they don’t get the truth from movies like “Noah” because they don’t usually stick to the biblical narrative.


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