How do you respond to a non believer who has…

How do you respond to a non believer who has the audacity to say this to a struggling Christian who is dealing with a debilitating illness?

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  1. I’d ask “how’d you come to that conclusion?” Get the person to lay out their worldview and go from there.

  2. There is no surprise here, We live in a broken world full of broken people. Surround yourself with believers.

  3. He says god is not real then says at least not the god of the bible why bother with him he is a waffler

  4. I actually agree with most of this.

    1. Go see a doctor.
    2. You might have to learn to deal.
    3. God IS real!
    4. He IS the God of the Bible!
    5. Miracles do happen! So pray! A lot!
    6. And if you ya Christian, then God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life and it might include this illness. This might be your new normal.
    7. If you’re not a Christian, then whatever you have is a reminder that while you are still alive there is still time to repent and get right with God. Any trials in this life is to remind sinners that there is a judge who will call all to account. I’d your still alive then he is being gracious to give you more time to repent.

  5. He’s got some fairly good points.

    God being real is a belief that varies from person to person though, so I wouldn’t see it as being cruel If they don’t believe God exists, then perhaps that’s the kindest thing they could say? Maybe they see issues in the bible that they can’t reconcile and don’t see it in the same light that Christians do?

    For a lot of Christians and non-Christians alike, we’ve got to learn to deal with the hand life deals us because no matter how fervent and frequent the prayer, they are left in their current situation.

    Perhaps what they said is exactly what the other person needed to hear, even if they may not realise it right now?

    They say God works in mysterious ways.

  6. I try to shock them with reality. Lately I’ve compared climate change to what Christ said about the end in the gospels and Revelations. Christ used miracles, and the way events are unfolding is another one to me. Then I go into all the scientific revelations about the creation… Stuff only GOD could know and that we’ve only recently discovered…

    These folks need a REAL introduction to God and a family r chance to make an informed decision about eternity. So yes, I go down the wormhole with non believers for a minute. Hoping one day they might remember something snap out of it.

  7. I absolutely agree with his statemment coz most of the people have a blind faith from blimd guides. God did not say that you should ignore all the medicine n proscription. There are many incident happened that they ignored the docs treatment because a preaches said use yoir faith. And when the person died, preaxher said that they dont have enough that is why he died.
    God is not real. Becausee he/she is above our reality n imagination…
    Even Jesus called to be a great physician … He used mud to give the blind sight. He used his saliva to heal. He used bread and wine to heal each n everyone.

    We stop responding them but start respecting their views. It is God’s business to understand him.

  8. First, whether or not someone has to deal with an illness has no bearing on God’s existence.

    Sometimes God heals, sometimes He doesn’t. I’ve seen people healed of pretty serious illnesses, and some people not healed at all (and even died as a result).

    Learning to trust God despite our circumstances is the real lesson. If our sole reason for believing in God is because of what we can GET from God, we are in it for the wrong reason.

  9. This comes to mind : (Matthew 7:6) “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.” Jesus uses dogs and pigs as representative of those who would ridicule, reject, and blaspheme the gospel once it is presented to them. We are not to expose the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have no other purpose than to trample it and return to their own evil ways. Repeatedly sharing the gospel with someone who continually scoffs and ridicules Christ is like casting pearls before swine. We can identify such people through discernment, which is given in some measure to all Christians (1 Corinthians 2:15–16).

  10. I’ve seen this a number of times, and the person who wrote this has a great deal of pain in their life and at one point they expected God to do something, but feels God let them down.

    Otherwise, I can tell you from personal experience I’ve seen God on a couple of occasions answer our prayers for healing.

  11. A debilitating illness is a challenge to anyone. If physical pain is involved, I would recommend medical assistance. After all, wasn’t it God who gave all members of the human race wisdom and intelligence for the good of the human race? Ways of alleviating pain are the best physical help you can get. Then comes the emotional and spiritual help and this is where you place yourself into the hands of the ‘sovereign’ LORD. Remember, all life is brief and fleeting and whether it is 10 years or 80 years it is still brief and fleeting. Losing faith in God for a mere 10 to 80 years is not worth it when you compare it to the promises of eternal life for the one who persevers till the end. The Bible is full of examples of men and women who have persevered in all situations and also stories of those who have given up. A non-believer for advice? You might want to think that one through because they will give you the advice you don’t need. Coming out of debilitating illness of my own, I’m now into my third testing – God is still altogether good, I have to press on knowing the end will always be better than the beginning.

  12. I would talk not engage on social media. If you know this person you could talk with them in person or maybe on the phone. For the atheist, the fact that our universe exists is the biggest miracle of all. Not only that, but there is no basis for sustainability of the universe in their worldview other than “it just is.” Sounds like another miracle to me.

  13. This is the same kind of stuff Job’s wife told him when he was sick. “Curse God and die.” In what way does his suggestion solve the situation? It doesn’t, it’s born from selfishness in him using your rough situation to try and push his views on you. Especially while you are vulnerable. I personally think it would be unwise to give up on the only hope you have; whether in this life or the one to come.

  14. I say this person actually believe in God. Why else would he be so angry and scared, at a God who does not exist. No one gets this angry at a myth.

  15. Of course we need to go a doctor, who are in God’s control.
    I feel pity on that person because that person have no faith, and he/she is selfish because he/she thinks God will heal him as he asked God to. When a boy’s father challenged Him he said it can be healed if you have enough faith. He/she is ignorant about God. Those who know God fall before Him. That person will treamble even before a radical Muslim.

  16. Since I was 45 I’m now 61. I have had 30+ surgeries. A currently in a wheelchair. But Gos has been with me and blessed me with comfort, friends and at time healing . And allowed me to do for others. “ share your story , personally. It’s powerful

  17. Isn’t it interesting that alot of those who deny God’s existence have no problem making absolute statements without absolute knowledge?

  18. As hard as it may be..we must remember..we cant take any of that personal. I’ll tell you why..the FIRST is that that person speaks outta ignorance..for we KNOW that God exist..and we know this bc we have experienced Him in our lives and the change He has brought when He enters undeniable..secondly..and I wanna say really important to that the bible says we fight NOT against flesh and blood but against principalities. We are in a spiritual warfare…and the mind is the devils playground. IF he can get into ur mind and cause any type of doubt…he has won you. Remember always saint…GREATER is He that is in you than he in the world. And YOU ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY. I am saddened that you are going thru an illness and I shall pray that God will restore and bring complete healing..according to His will…and may you come out being a wonderful testimony for the Lord on his He has done so. Be encouraged. HE IS COMING SOON! GOD BLESS YOU..AND just do as the gif? and ???? sending love in Christ! ?❤

  19. God , gave us doctors for a reason. Even Luke was a doctor personal physician to Paul. Chew on that. Why…because the gifts of healing ceased, and we suffer illnesses do to our sin nature inherited from Adam.

  20. This can go both ways. A very good friend of mine recently died from cancer. She had to stop in one day and see her caseworker for some insurance paperwork at General Motors where she worked. The two of them had been friends for a very long time, and when the case worker found out she was going to die, she started to talk about God. My friend mentioned she didn’t believe in God. The caseworker told her if she didn’t believe in God she was going to hell. When my friend spoke to me about it, she understood this was her religious views, and she only said what she said out of concern, but it’s still really hurt my friend that her friend for such a long time thought she was going to hell. It’s just not a very nice thing to say to somebody.

  21. I’d say obviously you in a wagon just for miracle, await your turn for a genuine encounter with God then will your testimony change.

  22. Honestly, I usually don’t care at all about anything nonbelievers think or say.

    I simply do not cast my pearls to swine any longer. I share the gospel in numerous ways and almost always with the correct loving attitude.

    I defend my faith but I will not debate at all!

    God will save those He’s predestined to save. I will be obedient to my call and His charge to share. But I only give my time to orphans, widows and the truly unfortunate. I trust God’s providence.

  23. As believers, if you were so afflicted it would have to be true that God would have to be aware of your suffering and has chosen not to intervene. What do you do with a thought like that?

  24. The greatest mistake Eve made was to listen to Satan’s voice through a medium. It still happens.

  25. “The Bible does not say we are not allowed to seek medical aid. Go look for a verse that says it does not encourage it. Be here when you find it.”

    Ironically, in order for them to prove their point, they’ll have to borrow from the one book that helped put them in disbelief.

  26. The miracle of Creation and the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ prove the Bible is true. If you really want to learn more watch the video series by Chuck Missler “Learn the Bible in 24 hours or read “Cold-Case Christianity” by J. Warner Wallace. There are tons more books and videos I could recommend. The question is not lack of evidence, but rather What evidence are you willing to accept. If you insist on “naturalistic” explanations, no amount of evidence will be enough.

  27. I would say he’s bitter and doesn’t understand who God is. There’s nothing wrong with hoping for a miracle cure but go to the doctor’s too. Sometimes God chooses to work thru medicine too. And if you die, then all the better cuz if you’re a true believer you’re going to be with the Lord.

  28. They cannot prove that God doesn’t exist either! They need to look around them and notice the wonder His intelligent design. It is interesting how Atheits have no respect for Christians. We are particularly hated by them. Ask yourself why.

  29. This is a logical fallacy – there is a third option. God does exist – he did to miracles (i.e. Jesus when he was on earth) – but he isn’t doing them today because he isn’t here. There are very valid and correct Biblical reasons to believe that God does not heal everyone today in the way that some people proclaim…

  30. In that situation of what would Jesus do? I think whipping them and flipping over their tables be justified. Only the fool says in their hearts “their is no God.”

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