Note to Myself

Earlier today I found my Senior Memories Book and spent about an hour and a half reading it. It was interesting reading what the prices were in 1977 and other current events I had written there. It was fun... and sometimes sad, reading some things friends had written to me. There were notes from friends who have died, some from friends who had faded from memory, and some I still keep in contact with today. Reading my own thoughts was a kick. In some areas, I've not changed a bit. It other areas, I am radically different. I had to laugh at how many times I wrote about "being in love."  I didn't have clue what love was even about at that time. As I read, I thought to myself, "you sound just like these kids today!" Maybe there is hope! As I read some of my private thoughts, I could not think but how sad some of my own commentary was. At 17 years old, I wrote in that book that I was hoping that the stomach pain I had was an ulcer, so that I'd be forced to cut down on my drinking. How sad is that? At 17, I knew I had a problem but did not have it within me to stop what was destroying my life. I'm glad that I was finally able to turn the corner and stop the boozing and drugs... but it makes me wonder how many of these young folks have a secret desire to quit... but can't deal with the pain that comes along with life changes. I did not even remember penning those words. Little did I know that I was leaving myself a note to help me almost 35 years later to deal with kids I come in contact with.