O TASTE AND SEE……. 2006-01-28 08:51:00

For some time now, both my own personal blog and the church blog have been receiving comments from an individual who is using the title of ‘prophet of god’ for his/her self. For this reason I choose not to use capital letters for either the word prophet or the word god in my response. Neither one is accurate in this instance.
Firstly, in my understanding, all Prophets are not self appointed but are anointed, and in New Testament terms that means working within the framework of the church as described in the New Testament. Prophets are clearly identifiable, open to relationship and response amongst those they are called to serve, as they encourage, exhort and edify the church. Prophets didn’t [ even in Old Testament times ] and don’t make anonymous attacks on persons and groups. Prophets who are called by God, are not afraid of their identity being known.
Secondly, from the overall tone and nature of the comments from this ‘prophet’, I rather suspect that this individual has a very immature understanding of matters of religion and faith. They have found a particular collection of scriptures which allow aggressive points to be made, has learnt the standard ‘ranters’ rebuttals of the responses of their victims, and has found a great deal of emotional security in anonymity and the release of venting at others from that safe place. Their ‘god’ is their limited paradigm…. A pale reflection of my God.
There can be no dialogue with such types because they are not interested in dialogue, only in their own sanctimonious outpourings.
I and my church have been accused of all manner of things from ‘pagan christianity’ and being a ‘whore church’ to myself being unbiblical in my life, attitudes and practices. I have been taunted by the ‘prophet’ for not replying to any of his comments and not allowing such comments on my blogs.
I don’t agree with ‘prophet’ on any thing that has been said about me or my church.

I know real Prophets who operate in New Testament and biblical ways. When they deliver a rebuke, reproof or chastisement to me, it’s done biblically and accurately. When God tells someone something about me or my church that has been wrong, it’s 100% accurate – without fail. This ‘prophet’ has based their attacks on many assumptions and inaccuracies which would have been obvious had that person either attended my church or had the good manners and grace to ask me face to face or christian to christian in accordance with biblical procedure.
Of course, the response of the ‘prophet’ would probably be that I am not considered a christian in his eyes.

So why bother attacking the hell-bound?
It certainly isn’t out of a loving concern for the lost, given the nature and content of the attacking comments.
There are ways to engage people in life-saving discussions, ‘prophet’, and I suggest you learn and apply a few of them – if, like God, you are concerned for the salvation of souls like the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:9.

You do a great deal of accusing in your comments. Revelation tells us that Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Another reason why I don’t pay any attention to inaccuracies and accusations masquerading as godliness. I recognise their origin.

You tell me I am wrong to celebrate Christmas. You don’t even know my stance on Christmas, you’ve never bothered to check before speaking. Maybe you should check with Proverbs and James about haste in speaking. Christmas is not in the Bible and as such is not to be celebrated. Advent is not biblical either and is not to be celebrated. However if I choose to lead my fellowship in a series of meditations, bible studies and gatherings based on the relevant scriptures in Isaiah and the Gospels, at a time that coincides with the world’s TillFest called Christmas – that has nothing to do with you.

Since we are on the subject of un-biblical things, do you keep the whole letter of the Law?
Do you obey all of Leviticus, stoning adulterers, homosexuals, rebellious teenagers, whilst not wearing garments of mixed fibres, not eating pork or shellfish?
Jesus tells us that if we fall down on one point of law we have broken it all.
Paul tells us that the letter [ of the law ] kills but the Spirit gives life.
Do you own a car, ride a bus or train?
Do you listen to any aural sounds generated by a radio or hi-fi, watch television.?
None are mentioned in the Bible.
You seem to have enough latitude in your walk with God to allow you to surf the non-Biblical internet, attacking those with whom you disagree.

You accuse me and my church of hating you. This is also wrong. We don’t hurt you or curse you.
You can’t check us off against a list of persecutors so that you can receive the blessing when you are "wrongly used for my name’s sake." After every one of your railings and rantings I simply pray that you will have a greater revelation of the love and person of Jesus Christ than you have ever had before. My eldership is also concerned for you and prays for you in a similar manner.
We are trying to practice agape, unconditional, biblical love as much as we are able in our weak and frail humanity. You’ll have to go elsewhere for an unbiblical dispute over doctrine [ see Titus 3:9 ] so that you can puff yourself up with unbiblical pride about having given those ungodly tares a piece of your mind.
Speaking of tares, the KJV tells US not to uproot the tares lest the wheat be harmed…Matt 13. So you obviously know better than Jesus! How arrogant!

The reason I haven’t answered your venomous comments is twofold.
First – I really can’t be bothered to waste my valuable time in jousting with an individual who is too scared to be open and accountable about their words and actions.
Secondly - I practise my faith and my ministry in the open. People know where I live and work, they can speak to me, see me at any time. I am accountable to my God, and bishop and my people and they know that. They are more precious to me than wasting time on titillating your ego and even on blogs and such like.
You can waste your time on the internet - attacking, me - I’m following my calling about being salt and light and making disciples. I care nothing for your opinion of me. You are without meaning since you are operating so far beyond Biblical principle and in arrogance and hypocrisy.
I am absolutely unmoved by your inaccurate assumptions, gossip, slander and lies, your posturing and railing - see 1 Cor 5:11.

This entry has taken me a while to write, I’ve been busy tentmaking and praying and fitting all this into my wonderful life as a pastor, called to be alongside and amongst a wonderful group of people learning to love the Lord with more and more of themselves, deny themselves more and more and to reach out more and more to the lost every day.
Sorry ‘prophet’, you are right in only one thing you have said to me – church is not about programmes. I say it’s about learning to love God and relate with those made in His image, more and more every day.

Also, my wife will be blogging shortly in her own right. We are all equal in Christ, and she has the right to respond to you for herself.

Since you choose to be anonymous, I choose to deny you access to my church website and my blog. From here on I intend to delete, UNREAD, any incoming email or comments to my blog from you until such time as you identify yourself, your place of residence, your church etc and you learn to involve yourself in relationship as you are called to do.
My church web manager has instructions to do likewise with the Pinetree House site.

"Go into all the world.." means to be visible and accessible as ambassadors for Christ, in all your frailty such that His glory is seen in you.

I have seen nothing in anything you have written which brings glory to Almighty God and His wonderful Son Jesus Christ, nor has anything you have said convinced me that you are in Spirit.

I look forward to hearing from you in a spirit of open-ness, love and entreatment, until then I continue to pray for you that you would discover the reality of the love of God.

Jud 1:24-25: Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,
To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.