Once again I had a debate with someone who said…

Once again I had a debate with someone who said “If God is so good why is he killing us with this virus?”
Once again I responded:
All generations are tested with something bigger than ourselves. We are plagued with Covid-19 in response to how destructive we have become to God’s world, and this is the result for our generation. We can either pull together, as God wants us to to, helping each other, taking care of each other and loving each other when this tribulation is over, or we can receed into our own lives and look at each other with suspicion and anger. It is not a matter of “If God is good, then why (insert challenge here).” Its more “Do you have enough faith in Him to see you through it?” God is Good. God is Love. God is NOT dead. If God gave you a worry free, disease free life, what would you learn? Look at it another way. I see plenty of mothers today babying and sheltering their children into adulthood. Never letting anything happen to them and always fighting their battles. We all have seen the results of this when that child reaches adulthood and is in the “real world”. That mother, as loving as she was, didn’t do that child any favors. God is not doing us any favors now.
Grow up. Stop blaming God for everything bad and do your part.
God Bless and Amen!

Probably, but defending God is a lifelong calling.

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