Pastor Kemp’s Blog 2012-02-01 19:53:46

Psalm 119:131 I opened my mouth and panted, for I longed for Your commandments. 

A few days ago I posted the following tweet: “Anyone who wastes your time is a murderer.”  I thought nothing of it but I got several comments about it.  Upon reflection, I suppose it was a little a little shocking to those that have not thought through how their life is measured.

Just in case you haven’t really thought about it, your life is measured in time.  To capture the essence of your life your obituary (and tomb stone/placard) will sum your life up with three things: the date of your birth, the date of your death and a “dash”.  The dash in the middle is where people will do the calculation to determine the measure of your life – how long you lived.

That is why I think of the person that wastes your time as a murderer; they have shorten your life by taking you away from God’s plan and purpose for your life.

But let me caution you here.  Only God can truly define what a waste of time is.  For example, there are people that resent it when their pastor asks them to pray more or read their bible more.  They’d rather be doing other things.  The idea of longing to read God’s word so much that they “pant” is as foreign to them as a Martian knocking on their door.    Bottom line dear friend, don’t kill yourself chasing after things that God counts as a waste of time.

Minute by minute,