The Story and the Glory 1Ssmuel 25:2-38 From this incident…

The Story and the Glory 1Ssmuel 25:2-38 From this incident…

The Story and the Glory
1Ssmuel 25:2-38

From this incident of Daviid and Nabal, and the way God reacted to the whole issue, let me make some deductions, postulations & counsels about life

1. Anybody that was a part of your story is entitled to also be a part of your glory. This is a right

To have pestered any body with capacity like a family head, a Pastor, a counselor and others who renders free services, in crises time, and to throw them away when the crises are resolved, is ungodly and it has dare consequences

2. David made it a demand from Nabal, not just a mere request, and set about destroying him for denying him his entitlement

He was prevented from doing that by Abigail, Nabal’s wife, who gave him those entitlements. Even upon that, God still killed Nabal on account of that

It’s like a doctor, a lawyer or other service providers going about to get their fees, in this incident of David and Nabal, and God supported David.

3. We may not fill this message with too much stories, but here are a just a few:
_ A lady came to a Pastor for prayers, that she’s the last of her father’s 8 daughters, and the older 7, none is with husband. After 3 days fasting and prayer, which was in May of that year, God answered speedily. Their wedding took place on Dec. of that year, which she took to another church, because, according to her, the Pastor’s church was not befitting. That’s not all! On that day, he was left in the congregation by the big church, and all through till date, that sister never visited that that Pastor again

He did what he did for God, you might say. That’s true. But let’s beware! For David also did what he did for Nabal for God. But when he demanded for his entitlements and Nabal attempted denying him, God killed Nabal. God did not kill Nabal because of formication, adultery, wizardry, murder, cultism, rape, robbery, etc. He was killed because of ingratitude and blasphemy. He denied David his entitlements, and spoke ill of a benefactor

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