People say “Don’t put God in a box.” But many…

People say “Don’t put God in a box.” But many people don’t even read God’s Word to know what that box is. Many people rely only on a pastor/preacher to tell them what it says, yet the Bible says there are MANY false teachers out there, so how do they know whether who they are listening to is false? Many say they have the Holy Spirit and rely on a feeling of the Holy Spirit for discernment(knowing right from almost right), but they don’t ever read the Word of God to know what the Holy Spirit is saying to them or match what they think He is saying to what it actually says in His Word. Many don’t know how to “rightly divide” (exegete) it’s truth and only try to use the Word of God to twist(eisegete) it, making it open to whatever interpretation to justify “self.”
There is a reason the Reformers put so much emphasis on “sola scriptura.” God’s Word is His Truth. Only there will you find it.

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