Perry Stone warns against impersonators

21111_24_podcast-1928428-stone_report[1]Pamela Taylor Stone

Well it looks as though the person who has been active at impersonating Perry Stone has decided to take another route. Now he has set up a new account under Perry Stone Ministries. I think he saw all our posts that Perry Stone does not have a face book page only Perry Stone Ministries. So if you have ANYONE who requests you to be friends with Perry Stone Ministries, it is an impersonator. Perry Stone Ministries does not go out and solicit friends. This impersonator has already sent everyone messages asking if you have a prayer request. The next thing they will do is ask you to send money to an orphanage oversees. Believe me we’ve been told by many people they sent money to this “orphanage” thinking it was Perry Stone asking for help. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME EVERYONE……PERRY STONE NOR PERRY STONE MINISTRIES WILL EVER SEND YOU A FACEBOOK MESSAGE AND ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY TO AN ORPHANAGE OR ANYWHERE. Please be wise and don’t fall prey to this people.

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