pin the tail on the antichrist.




At this point I guess its no secret that I am a relentless critic of speculative end-times scenarios which distract the Church from its mission.  A series like End of the World as We Know It where we focus on Revelation is of course a forum where that critique comes into play more than usual. Of course after last week’s message, folks know a whole lot about my convictions on these matters.

Awhile back, I had made a passing remark about Christians who spend their time playing “pin the tail on the antichrist.”  So when I got back into the office on Monday, my delightfully creative friend and volunteer Pastor absolutely made not just my day but my year by presenting me with a meticulously crafted ACTUAL Pin the tail on the antichrist game!!!  I have been geeking out over it all week, and just had to share it with you.  We are ready to package it, market it, and get copies out for individuals and groups.  I’m telling you, Pin the tail on the antichrist is what your group needs to take it to the next level.  Finally, you have the tools to identify the man of lawlessness  for yourself!  The suspense is over.

Many, many thanks to Pastor Gabe.  This is BRILLIANT.

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