PLEASE read this, I know it’s lengthy, but it is…

PLEASE read this, I know it’s lengthy, but it is worth it. I had to write it for the love of others. So I hope you will take the time to read! Thank you ?

No one, not one knows when the end times will come, but we have to be prepared. And if we aren’t in Christ, when each of our individual lives are taken, Where will go? We don’t base ourselves off other Christians, because too many people claim to be of God, but the sad truth is, anyone can claim to be a Christian, that doesn’t mean they are saved and have the true heart change that the Holy Spirit gives us when we are saved, it is a beautiful gift from God, kind of like a heart transplant, we have new desires to be righteous! Not that we will never mess up, because we live in a fallen world with fallen bodies, but we now have a desire to live for the things of God.

We base true Christianity off the Bible, and no one and nothing else. The death rate for human life is 100% and one day, maybe sooner than later we will give an account to Christ, and the one thing we will never want to hear is “DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU.” (Matthew 7:22).

We have to consider that as human beings we are fallible, and that we can be in error even we think we are right. Those who choose to live life their own way in unrepentant sin will get a just punishment because God cannot be anything less than perfectly just, and holy, it is impossible.

No one in the Bible did what they were supposed to, not one literally. Why is that? Because nobody is qualified to follow through on Gods lofty standards. That is the point of Christianity. We can’t live up to the standards because everything man does he ruins, that is why we need the one and only savior Jesus Christ, who died a brutal and bloody death for you, so that when you put your trust in Him and surrender everything, you will be credited His life as a payment for eternity in heaven, and made righteous through Him. If that is not the good news I don’t know what is!

This is not based off blind faith. Their are TONS of historical facts and proof that Jesus was alive and rose from the dead, over 300 eyewitness to resurrected Jesus, saw Him AFTER He died, ALIVE, and plenty were not even Christ followers. There are over 300 fulfilled prophecies that are proven true by the Dead Sea scrolls, historical evidence recorded in the Bible proven true by archaeology (the Bible says that’s what happened, etc.) But none more important than the knowledge of human nature, as previously state, and that’s just a few!

Please consider it. This life is short, and giving your earthly life up for the One who gave you life, so that you will gain enteral life, is the most amazing thing you can ever do. God never promises Christians we won’t go through trials, persecution, or even tragedies, because this is a fallen world, but it is not our world, true life is to come.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present life are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed to us. -Romans 8:18

This is a fallen world because Adam and Eve sinned, that is why there is suffering.. but there is hope in the truth, not fake hope, REAL hope. If you say “well.. there’s a lot of different religions, how can you know this is right?” Well, Christianity is the ONLY ”religion” of the true Jesus, who gave you the FREE gift of eternal salvation, through GRACE alone, not through “good works” or “good deeds” like every other “religion” so that we may NOT boast of ourselves, because we all don’t deserve anything other than eternal punishment. If you break the law of God you are a sinner in need of the savior, like everyone else.

As a non Christian, how would you know what is good without a standard? And where do you get your standard from? You have conviction of morality because of God. God is holy and perfectly just, and He sentences justly. Wouldn’t you want to know the truth? Please just think about it.

“Christianity is either of complete importance or of no importance, the only thing that it cannot be is of moderate Importance.” -C.S Lewis

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