Relieving a Missionary’s Burden

Relieving a Missionary’s Burden

Times are tough!

However, God has not only prepared provision for all yourneeds, He has also provided enough for you to bless someone else—for His sake!

The great statesman, Winston Churchill made this observation;“we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Our missionaries have put that wisdom into practice. Theylive life giving out of the abundance of their heart. Missionaries faithfullycommit fully to the task of showing Christ’s love. They exercise faith in Godand faith in you and me to do our part to keep them at their global place ofservice.

Relievinga Missionary’s Burden (video link for here) is a short videovignette that explains the tough times our missionaries are going through dueto a shortfall in donations. Would you please watch it, pray and then demonstrateyour faith through an act of support? is a way togive securely and easily online. The Project Number 770-0014 designates generalmissionary support or you may want to give to a specific missionary.

Another way to help is to put the link to the video on yourFacebook page so others may see and understand the role we all have.

Someone else said; “Nobody can do everything, but everyonecan do something.”