Sunday Morning at the Pigeon Forge conference, Matt Poole preached on the importance of developing a root system to sustaining a healthy Christian life. Let's rehash some thoughts on roots...

The roots of a plant have two basic purposes:

Purpose # 1: Roots are the part of the plant that ATTACH it to the ground.

Purpose # 2: Roots CONNECT water and nourishment to the rest of the plant.

So how does that transfer over into the Christian life?

Your roots serve to ATTACH you to the ground, stabilizing you from falling over

Your roots CONNECT you to the source of nourishment and water necessary to survive.

So what are you rooted in?

If roots ATTACH you and CONNECT you, what you are rooted in matters.

If you are rooted into the things of this world, then the nourishment you are bringing into your tree will not support the fruit of a Christian life. But if you root into the things of Christ, you can grow into a healthy "plant."

Some things you should root into...

1. Your Church- The community of life found in the CHURCH can help to keep you grounded. Here you can find strength during a storm, nourishment through preaching and support to make sure you are growing in the right direction.

2. Your Bible- The WORD is the single most important source of nourishment that you need for living a healthy Christian life. Get rooted in your Bible and watch as the Holy Spirit begins to feed you with the strength you need to grow.

3. Prayer- Prayer is the ultimate place of communion with God. It is through a root system deeply entrenched in prayer that the Holy Spirit can communicate with us, pruning our life to be more like him.

You branches cannot grow larger than your roots. If you attempt to grow branches that can bear the fruits of Christian life without first developing the root system to anchor you, your tree will come tumbling down. You will topple over with the pressure of trying to live the WORKS of a Christian life without being CONNECTED to the source of life.

2 kings 19:30 says "And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward." Notice the order here-:


I encourage you today to begin to strengthen your root system. Develop roots in your CHURCH, your WORD, and your PRAYER life with God. Then watch as your “tree” produces the fruit of a healthy Christian life

>Read John 15:1-11