Saints, in 2020, will we ALL (the ENTIRE Church) witness…

Saints, in 2020, will we ALL (the ENTIRE Church) witness the Dan 8:5-7 WAR when a GOAT (who?) comes from THE WEST (US) & crushes a TWO HORNED RAM (Iran 2-Leaders)? Is the GOAT vs. 2-HORN RAM War (Dan 8:5-7) THE SAME EXACT WAR AS DESCRIBED BY Dan 11:25-28 NORTH vs. SOUTH War? If so, then the Prophet Daniel left the End-Time Church with IMPORTANT CLUES in Dan 8:5, concerning the IDENTITY OF THE FUTURE ANTICHRIST/AC and the TIMING OF HIS DEADLY HEAD WOUND! Dan 8:5 (KJV) says “the GOAT had a NOTABLE HORN BETWEEN HIS EYES”. What is the NOTABLE HORN BETWEEN THE GOAT’S EYES? AC’s FOREHEAD SCAR! Every CHRISTIAN is aware of the FACT that Rev 13:3 reveals that the FUTURE AC (The Beast) SUFFERS A DEADLY HEAD WOUND WHICH HEALS, but there is NO indication as to WHEN or HOW his HEAD WOUND is sustained. But, Rev 13 clearly reveals that the AC’s WOUND HAPPENS BEFORE the AC’s FINAL 42-MONTHS/3.5-YRS in office. Now, careful ANALYSIS of the ORDER OF EVENTS in Dan 8:5-7, reveals that the GOAT (Future AC) sustains the notable horn between his eyes ‘BEFORE’ HIS 1st WAR WITH THE 2-HORN RAM (Dan 11:25-28 US vs. Iran’s NAVY)! So, what will be the EXACT NATURE OF HOW THE AC SUSTAINS HIS DEADLY HEAD WOUND? Zech 11:17 will soon reveal the answer to that question, as AN ACT OF GOD will leave the “IDOL SHEPHERD” (a DEMIGOD AC) with PERMANENT DAMAGE to his RIGHT EYE & ARM. What PASTIME will the FUTURE AC be doing when Zech 11:17 happens (See PIC: God’s Sword/LIGHTNING HITS HIS NOGGIN)? Then will the END-TIME CHURCH REALIZE & ACCEPT THE TRUE IDENTITY OF THE FUTURE AC or will it opt to stay in a STATE OF SPIRITUAL SLUMBER/Reprobates? The prophetic fulfillment of Zech 11:17 in 2020 will be GOD’S 2nd WARNING TO WAKEUP THE END-TIME CHURCH! What IMPLICATIONS will the fulfillment of Zech 11:17 have on the Church’s PRE-TRI & MID-TRI RAPTURE THEORIES? Saints, keep watch & pray cause a 2nd US WAR WITH IRAN LEADS TO WORLD WAR-3 vs. CHINA’S NAVY (Ships of Chittim AIDS IRAN-Dan 11:29-30)!
God Bless

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15 thoughts on “Saints, in 2020, will we ALL (the ENTIRE Church) witness…

  1. Tom Taylor says:

    Saints, the TRUE GOSPEL is going to be revealed between Jan-June 2020 (The Man of Lawlessness/AC is indeed revealed in Dan 11:21-45 during the 7-YEAR POLITICAL TENURE), so keep watch and pray because events from Rev 6-12 will move very quickly during the next 6-months.
    God Bless

  2. Jonathan K Owusu says:

    It’s time for a true Christians should wake up from sleep &vigilant to pray because the tribulation &persecution is bound to happen.The word of God is pure &true.

  3. Michael Howell says:

    The war between the north and south doesn’t make sense in this case. Iran and the US are East West. The war that was in Daniel was probably the war between Iraq and Iran.

  4. Tom Taylor says:

    Saints, is Matt 12:36-37 (“But I say unto you, That EVERY IDLE WORD that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words THOU SHALT BE CONDEMNED”) TRUE? If so, keep watch and pray.
    God Bless

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