Psalms 63:5 says, "My soul shall be satisfied." This entire Psalm is about the joy that the fellowship of the Lord brings to one's life. As David makes this statement, he is telling us that God alone has satisfied him. We live in a world where many are not satisfied. They are looking all over for that "thing" that will fill the void of their hearts. While there are many options that this world offers us, none of them will work. You can not make enough money, buy enough things, have enough sex, do enough drugs, drink enough, or go on enough vacations. There are many in the celebrity status that can get anything they want, but they still are not satisfied. How about you? Are you satisfied yet, or are you still trying to find that "thing"? You will not find it until you come to Jesus. The thing that so many are missing is the fellowship of the Lord in their lives. We were created to have relationship with Him and nothing can take the place of that. Many have died with the wealth of this world, but their souls were poor. I would rather be rich in Spirit, than to be rich with gold. I pray that each of us would reach a place of satisfaction with God. Meaning that we are so connected to Him, that we are no longer looking for other options. God bless and have a great day.