So Completely "Other"

The deepness of your majesty
towers over me,
covering me with goodness and grace.

And yet I’m terrified.

I understand that the dark clouds
hovering above –
the thunder and lightning –
are simply a display of your power.

I understand that you are for me.
My eternal good rests firmly in your hands.

And yet, I understand enough
to know that I really don’t understand
anything about you.

Does the fire in your eyes
burn with love or with fury?

Is your voice filled with anger
or compassion?

You remind me that my vision is blurry,
and my voice is weak.

Your thoughts are higher.

And, just when I think I have you figured out,
I see a display of your power and majesty
so “other,” that it pushes me,
face down,
unable to fathom all that you are.

This poem © Kevin Walker. Published August 2013.

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