Some of our own Christian Family hate Muslims with a…

Some of our own Christian Family hate Muslims with a passion.

As a christian would you do the same and hate on Muslims?

Personally, I think thats disgusting behaviour.

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  1. No brainer. Muslims are God’s children. They are deceived by Islam. Love is the absolute best christian witness to the lost.

  2. Sunni Islam extremist’s should be feared. They are murdering Christians and other infidels. Jesus loves them. I do not. Don’t be naive. Your love means nothing to them. Beware.

  3. if they hate muslims they are not part of the Christian family,true christians do not hate,read the parable of the wheat and the tares.

  4. We can find hate in any group against any other group. The question should be how do we battle against this hate by the quidance God has given us and by the Holy Spirit

  5. I don’t buy anything from mainland China, if I can help it, because they persecute Christians. Does that mean I hate the Chinese? No, I pray they will repent, so that God can bless their nation.

  6. A Sunni Islam extremist is not yet a Christian. If you hate on this enemy, they have a reason to convert you to Islam or be rid of you. Love this enemy. Pray for this enemy. Be kind to this enemy. Seek for a way to bring the gospel to this enemy. Be a tool for God to make this person into a Christian.

  7. Hate the sin not the person and that is for any person, country or religion. But we need to be careful and discerning about who we hang out with, which is in the scriptures for there are evil people.

  8. I try not too hate a religion that is beheading my brother’s and sister’s world-wide but my righteous anger definitely gets aroused…

  9. 2 weeks ago a group of Muslims pulled 19 Christians from a church in Africa and executed them following the lead from Iran just announcing they will execute some dozen Christian converts.

    30 Christians went missing in a church I’m following on fb in Pakistan last week.

    “Hate” towards Muslims means very little in comparison to the hate towards Christians.

  10. Defend yourself as you really can’t trust the avid followers of Islam, as it’s written on their book to kill unbelievers like us!
    Offense is the best defenses

  11. I show love to Muslims by telling them of the true gospel, when opportunity presents itself. Not our job to point out their history, or present radicalism. Just share the truth if Christ, and if he shows them the contrast, they will see it.

  12. What can –I– do?
    Can I convert all of the Muslim world? I think not.
    Can I convert one person at a time? I must try.
    Will I force their hand to take my life? No, that’s suicide.
    Am I willing to die for my God? YES. I know what lies beyond.
    If a Sunni Islam extremist took my life, that would be their action, not mine, their sin, not my sin.

    I know, near the end, that The Evil One, through pawns, will be permitted to reign over most of the earth, and there will only be pockets of us Christians here and there. Many Christians will be murdered, more than are being murdered now. They ARE being murdered. It is part of the process of The Evil One trying to take over. In that process of The Evil One trying to take over, I may end up getting murdered. But being murdered is not for ME to decide.

    God told Abraham that Ishmael, son of Hagar (possibly a.k.a. Keturah), would go away but the family of Ishmael would become many nations, just as the family of Isaac, son of Sarah, would become many nations. The bible tells us how the story unfolds and how it ends.

    My choice is to do God’s will, and right now, I am led to resist The Evil One, not through violence, but rather by spreading the Word Of God. I believe that he who leads by the sword agrees to being killed by the sword. I do not feel that I am led to currently CHOOSE to go down a path that leads to me being killed by the sword.

    If I ever DO feel like defending by offending, I will have to pray hard to see if it is the Will Of God. If I feel led by the Holy Spirit, then, to offend in order to defend, I will do so, but only if I feel then that it is the Holy Spirit leading me to do the Will Of God and not my own anger leading me to seek revenge for injustices done by others.

    And right now, I am not led to defend by offending.

  13. Don’t hate them but one must understand what they’re really about. 20% religion and 80% tyrannical geopolitical system with a declared manifesto to rule the world by any means necessary. Their words not mine.

  14. It depends on a number of factors, but my general rule is that you can hate what a group stands for but still love people in that group.

    Let me use a non-religious example.

    I hate PETA with a burning passion. I’m a huge animal lover, and I support animal welfare organizations, but contrary to popular belief PETA has no interest in caring for animals and kills more than 90% of the creatures in their care.

    That said… I have friends who like and support the organization. =/ I’ve told them my thoughts and given them sources, but my duty to inform ends there. If they still want to support the organization, that’s their choice. I still love them as friends, family, or whoever. If they want to talk about PETA in a positive light, I say nothing or excuse myself; I’ve never been pressed further, but if I were I would repeat my thoughts and sources as needed.

    I feel the same when it comes to Islam or other religions, especially ones hostile towards Christianity.

    Islam as a religion has done horrible things to those outside their circle, including Christians. Not even the nicest Muslims can convince me to give it my support, because their doctrine says those heinous actions are not only acceptable, but encouragable and praiseworthy. =(

    However… I wouldn’t treat my Muslim friends differently or consider them worse. Every individual is on their own spiritual journey, and our job as Christians is to speak truth when necessary and plant the seeds of God’s love. There are a lot of wonderful people out there who don’t yet know Christ’s love, and we need to be good embassadors to all of them. =)

  15. God certainly hates a false witness – that’s Scripture, but He desires them to be saved. So we should preach the Gospel to them. On average, after a Muslim starts to question their belief system, it will be another 7 years before they escape the indoctrination of Islam. And sadly, this is no guarantee that they will embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray for them – pray for what to say, expect resistance. Our job is not to save, but to witness the Good News to the lost! Jesus does the saving!

  16. It depends what you consider hateful behaviour to be? There’s so much labelling of hate speech & bigotry going on when a person’s behaviour is just non-agreement that I always need someone to confirm this for me now.

  17. Deny Christ is the Son of God and deny that He died on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day, then what is to love about those who reject the Gospel of Christ.

    I don’t love the adversary to God or Christ the devil, so why on earth would one love his children who do the will of their father Satan?

    Satan likes to appear as an angel of light and tries to use an emotional appeal to fool people.
    Might work on some, though there is no power in emotions.

  18. Andre Kanara I agree with you. They are the same way with JW. It’s disgusting!!! Yet not all who claim to be a Christian are truly one.

  19. Then they are not Christian because God is not of hate Hw is of love and forgiveness, so if u are a true follower of God, they u should nor hate.

  20. No , just the islamic doctrine found in the koran hadith and sira, i would also have no problem keeping them out of my country tho…..

  21. Learn more about the deadliest organization in history, Islam. See Acts 17 Apologetics and Usama Dakdok and Bill Warner PhD on You Tube.

  22. The wise approach should always be in the standard of Jesus. What do you think Jesus would do if He was in your position?

  23. We should not hate anyone.We love for the testamony of Christ God judges.But God gave us a brain.We love but can hate behaviour.

  24. define hate? people are saying hate now is any one who opposes false hood,telling people they are wrong is not hatred.

  25. I live in Jordan and work with Muslims on a regular basis. the hatred is stemmed from a fear that is exaggerated to say the least. My prayer and work is to see those around me come to know who Jesus really is – not push them away from the truth through hate.

  26. Read John 3:17 carefully and act on it. It’s the Muslim who carry that mind of deep hate. But we love them.

  27. We are not to hate but Jesus said to love cv our enemies and pray for those that persecute us. We do not have to trust them, welcome them into our home or country, but we are not permitted to hate. Jesus also said if we hate we have committed murder in our hearts. Jesus even prayed for those nailing Him to a cross, He never demonstrated hate, nor shout we.

  28. Whatever religion you belong I cannot hate you that’s what I have learned it’s your choice to be there. I can share to The Gospel of Salvation but it is your choice if you want to hear it or not.

  29. We should love everyone but do not embrace doctrine that is diametrically opposed to our faith.We have all been created in Gods image.He loves us all and gave His son as redemption for us all.Its up to us to choose to accept this or reject it.We can love each other as individuals who are loved by our Creator. ❤.

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