Sophia blew up my blog!

Sophia blew up my blog!

The last few days have produced exponentially more visits to my blog that any time in its history. I’ve been blogging for well over 2 years. I work hard at coming up with interesting and thought-provoking material.  I do all the stuff they tell you to do when trying to gain readers. Still, visitors are minimal. (My mom would be a faithful reader but she’s not on the Internet.)

All this changed last Friday. When our granddaughter was born last week under extreme circumstances, readership exploded. Seriously, I’ve had more hits the last 4 days than I’ve had in the past several weeks (maybe months) combined! All thanks to Sophia.

So I think I’ll just hand this spot over to her. I’ll just post pictures of her and tell stories about her.

Seriously, she is getting better. Yesterday was good: she had gained 1 ounce (yes, you celebrate one ounce when it is more than 1/64 of her total body weight). She is holding down most of the milk that is being fed to her thought a tube – about 5 CCs per feeding.  Her jaundice numbers have improved.

I cannot express how thankful we are to everyone who is praying for baby Sophia. Please continue! She has a very long way to go. The doctors are saying she could remain in NICU for up to 4 weeks more, possibly longer.  I’m glad to tell you that Jessica continues to improve. She is gaining strength and is providing all the care for Sophia that she can. We are very proud of Jess and Josh – they are doing a great job!

So, lesson learned. If I want people to actually read what I write, the topic has to be Sophia Kate Hanson!