Statement on Troy Scot Carter Plea Agreement

Statement on Troy Scot Carter Plea Agreement

Statement on Troy Scot Carter Plea Agreement
Cleveland, Tennessee–April 1, 2015
United States Attorney vs Troy Scot Carter

On March 31, 2015, lawyers for Troy Scot Carter, former Director of Operations for Communications and Chairman of the General Assembly Cabinet for Church of God, entered a written “Plea Agreement” in behalf of and signed by Carter into the docket of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Mr. Carter resigned his position with the church nearly two years ago.

This Plea Agreement is the culmination of almost two years of investigation into actions by Carter. While not being privy to or knowing all of the details of the investigation until the entry of the Plea Agreement, the church has cooperated fully with the FBI and the office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee.

In the Plea Agreement, numerous schemes by Carter, with the intent to defraud the church and to steal monies belonging to the church, are set out. These schemes were very sophisticated and involved forming different companies and the use of various means of hiding theft. All of the fraudulent schemes involved activities connected with providing services for the Church of God General Assembly in the years 2010 and 2012, held in Orlando, Florida, or for another convention, “Empowered 21” on behalf of Oral Roberts University. The total amount of these stolen funds is in the sum of $889,766.10, according to the Plea Agreement.

As stated previously, findings of the investigation have revealed that no elected church official, former or present, was involved in or had any knowledge of the actions taken by
Carter in this matter. The Plea Agreement was negotiated between the U.S. Attorney and Carter’s attorneys and is under the complete authority of federal officials, as will be the sentencing or final disposition phases of this criminal matter.

We have taken measures to safeguard church operations and church funds, and to prevent this type of action from occurring in the future. Actions taken regarding the 2014 General Assembly also held in Orlando, Florida, bear proof that this problem has been rectified. Recovery of a significant amount of the missing funds due to an insurance policy protecting the church from such fraud will be undertaken. We want our constituents to know that their donated monies are safe and being used properly for their intended works.

We ask that you join us in prayer for all involved and for the ministry of the Church of God.

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