Stirring Up a Heart for Missions

Hosting a World Missions Conference at your local church is a wonderful way to bring the needs of missions to the hearts and minds of your congregation and to help them discover how they can get involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

In the days, weeks and months leading up to your conference, and afterwards, flood your congregation and community with missions knowledge and information. Use missions quotes and scriptures on church correspondence. Add missionary testimonies in sermons and Sunday school lessons. Include missions songs in your praise and worship and special music. Show missions videos. Make your church's commitment to missions obvious by adding a link to missions resources or pages about your missions project(s) on your Web site.

A visit to your local Christian bookstore or an online search will provide you with a wealth of missions-related resources to help you stir up the heart of your local church for missions. Visit for Church of God World Missions materials and for links to other missions sites.

Remember, if you are enthusiastic about missions, your enthusiasm will be contagious. If you are enthusiastic about missions, your commitment to the lost should be obvious to anyone who visits your church.

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