Successful First Week

Stealing my wife's computer for an update on my weight loss. I started one week ago today, and as of this morning, I have lost 6 pounds. Don't tell me the Atkins Diet does not work!
I can tell a difference, not only in how I look, but how I feel. At first I was thinking that I was being silly, that 6 pounds was not that much... but then I remembered that picture. (re-posting it here) 
That yellow blob is what 5 pounds of fat looks like. I've lost almost more than one of those!  WooHoo!  That makes me feel good!

I know the next week will not see as dramatic results that I had this week, but if I can drop 2 pounds, that will pull me under that magic 200 pound level that I struggle with, and will mean that with 8 pounds lost, I will have lost almost half of my goal of 17.5 pounds. 
I'm encouraged, I can do it this!

But I'll be honest... 200 has always been a psychological barrier for me. I just can't seem to break under 200. Or if I do, I really struggle to keep my weight under that. 195 is my target. I have not hit under 195 in almost 10 years.  I'm determined, this is my time, not just to break it, but to make some life changes. If memory serves me correctly, I have not been under 190 in more than 20 years. Time to turn back the clock!