Forest Fires Raging in Chile

Forest Fires Raging in Chile

Overseer Patricio Ramirez, administrative bishop in Chile, notified South America Regional Superintendent Eduardo Drachenberg of forest fires devastating areas in Chile that are affecting our Church of God brothers and sisters. Chile has experienced multiple disasters in recent years … … Continue reading → »

8.2-magnitude earthquake off Chile

A powerful magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck in the Pacific off Chile’s northern region on Tuesday, killing at least five people, causing landslides and setting off a small tsunami, leading authorities to order an evacuation. Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo attributed the five deaths to heart attacks or being crushed. In the city of Arica, the mayor reported some minor injuries and said s... »

Chile Quake: This was big but a bigger one awaits

An 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile Tuesday night, triggering small landslides, setting off a tsunami and killing at least five people. But geologists say an even larger quake in the region is lurking. “This magnitude 8.2 is not the large earthquake that we were expecting in this area,” said Mark Simons, a geophysicist at Caltech in Pasadena, California. ... »