Tuesday December 11th: 3 Tevet

For all of those who live in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us – a time of dead leaves and gloomy weather. Not surprisingly, during this time of year many people struggle with depression. Perhaps its because of the stark landscape and sunless skies or just the overall environment that winter creates. Whatever it […] »

Sometime in the month of December (of this year?) Raymond…

Sometime in the month of December (of this year?) Raymond Culpepper will allow Metro Church of God in Birmingham, Alabama get on with the finalized process of selecting a pastor upon the approval of the COG executive administrators. The process begins with the congregation voting to submit a pastoral recommendation to the State AB and the final approval will be with the state office in coordinatio... »

Saturday December 1st: 23 Kislev

Saturday December 1st: 23 Kislev As we approach the time of Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, let’s look at how the story took shape. In its essence, the story of Hanukkah is about how different people responded to the edicts of a tyrant, Antiochus IV, also called Epiphanies, a title that mean, “manifest god.” There […] »

Wednesday Night December 28th

Wednesday Night December 28th