Family Pastor, Brunswick, Ga.

Abundant Life Fellowship is looking for a staff pastor to manage children’s and youth ministries and lead these areas into a place of growth and sustainability, including overseeing the renovation […] The post Family Pastor, Brunswick, Ga. appear... »

Urgent Message from Moscow – Update on Shestopalov Family

Immediate Response NeededChurch of God World Missions Project Number #132-4002Daughter Killed in Car AccidentOn June 13, 2009 Russian National Overseer Vladimir Shestopalov and his family were traveling in the Moscow region when they were hit head-on b... »

Update on Shestopalov Family (2)

Many of our readers of the blog and/or newsletter have been asking about the Shestopalov family. The funeral for the daughter was held this past Monday at the seminary. About 200 guests came from all over Russia, and a number of family members from out... »

Weapons and Protecting Your Family | Perry Stone

Weapons and Protecting Your Family | Perry Stone

The right of citizens to protect their families. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this video! #perrystone #prophecy #mannafest Perry Stone or anyone from our ministry will never comment on YouTube asking for money. If you see someone do this, it is a SCAM, and please report to YouTube directly. Thank you! PSM Website:​ PSTV:​ ... »