Pastors that can kill the ministry

5 pastoral errors that can kill a ministry by Mark Woods via Rick Wadholm Jr 1. Not visiting people 2. Talking to people as... »

Pentecostals and Doctrinal Purity

Pentecostals and Doctrinal Purity A while back Bill Coble mentioned COG presupposition on pre-millennialism, but not all ministers and members subscribing to it. Rick... »

European Delights: A Sweet Journey Through Europe

Cakes, cookies, custards, puddings, candies, fried dough, pies and pastries. From the unconventional, recipes of Albanian Walnut Lemon Cake and Lithuanian Poppy Seed Cookies to the classic Tiramisu and Macaroon recipes, this cookbook takes your taste buds on a sweet journey throughout Europe. Desserts have come a long way since the dried fruits of the […] »

Scroll Signing Service in Bourgas

25 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, people in Eastern Europe are still haunted by the spirit of communism. The Regime robbed them not only from happiness and freedom, but from their deep human ability to even imagine a better and free world. For this very reason, we wrote the book “Looking over […] »