Istanbul (CNN) — Trade unions claiming 240,000 members are throwing their weight behind anti-government demonstrations across Turkey. The KESK confederation of public sector workers was calling a two-day strike starting Tuesday to protest what it called the “fascism” of the governing party of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has become one of the focal points of demonstra... »

Gog, Magog, Russia, Persia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Algeria, and Turkey…

Gog, Magog, Russia, Persia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Algeria, and Turkey We see this war taking shape at this very moment on the nightly news.... »

American pastor #AndrewBrunson has been arrested & imprisoned in Turkey

He spent Christmas in prison. Andrew Brunson is an American citizen who has been serving as a pastor in Turkey for more than 23 years. He and his wife raised their family there. Over two months ago, he was unexpectedly detained and has been unfairly charged with being a member of an armed terrorist organization and is still imprisoned. These are very serious charges. I spoke with Pastor Andrew’s w... »

Anti-government protest in Turkey

A 22-year-old man died during an anti-government protest in a city near the border with Syria and officials gave conflicting reports on what caused his death, as hundreds of riot police backed by water cannons deployed around the prime minister’s office in the capital Tuesday. Thousands have joined anti-government rallies across Turkey since Friday, when police launched a pre-dawn raid again... »