The Cornelius Argument- The argument is that Cornelius was saved…

The Cornelius Argument- The argument is that Cornelius was saved prior to being baptized therefore baptism is not necessary for salvation.

Answering the Argument

A. The Assumption: Since the Holy Spirit fell on them prior to water baptism; that means they were saved prior to water baptism.

There is not however a single verse in the Bible that states that Holy Spirit Baptism saves us.

B. Holy Spirit Baptism is only recorded twice in the Bible. It was not for the ones speaking but for the ones that were listening.

Jews- Acts 2

Gentiles- Acts 10

C. Acts 11:15 Peter says what happened but in Acts 11:14 Peter tells us he had not even told them what to do yet to be saved. He just started.

Point is, a person has to hear the word first before they can be saved. they had not even heard the words yet. He didn’t tell them how to be saved.

D. so we see Acts 10:44 and know what happened as described in Acts 11:14-15. We than look at Acts 10:47 and we understand that God was showing the Jews that He was allowing the Gentiles to accept them as being saved. When Peter understood this, he baptized them. Act 10:48.

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