The Engel Scale

-10 Awareness of the supernatural
-9 No effective knowledge of Christianity
-8 Initial Awareness of Christianity
-7 Interest in Christianity
-6 Awareness of basic facts of the Gospel
-5 Grasp of implications of the Gospel
-4 Positive attitude to the Gospel
-3 Awareness of personal need
-2 Challenge and decision to act
-1 Repentance and faith
0 A Disciple is Born!
+1 Evaluation of decision
+2 Initiation into the church
+3 Become part of the process of making other disciples
+4 Growth in understanding of the faith
+5 Growth in Christian character
+6 Discovery and use of gifts
+7 Christian life-style
+8 Stewardship of resources
+9 Prayer
+10 Openness to others/Effective sharing of faith and life