The Importance of Sharing the Love of Jesus

When Pastor Dale Carter of the Lighthouse Community Church of God appointed me as the local missions representative (LMR), I prayed that God would guide me and show me what needed to be done.

Two bulletin boards and a map have been placed in the church. These bulletin boards have the profiles of the six missionaries that our church supports and also of our Missions Representative, Charles Duncan. The map is used to mark where each one of the missionaries is located.

Every month God is showing me how important the role of LMR is to the local church and to World Missions. It is important we provide housing, food, and clothing, but most importantly to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

On the Men and Women of Action website I found a quote, "The goal of MWOA is to assist other ministries so they may fulfill their calling.” That is what the LMR is also doing by being the bridge between the local church and World Missions to help others not only to know about Jesus, but also to know Jesus in a close relationship.

Donald Webster
Local Church Missions Representative (LMR)
Lighthouse Community Church of God
Ottawa, KS