The question is NOT, “What Will you Do with God”…

The question is NOT, “What Will you Do with God”

The question is, “What Will God Do With you”

We must first define the term loving God. Our culture defines a “loving God” as a completely non-confrontational being who tolerates anything we want to do. But that is not a biblical definition. First John 4:16 says that God is love. That means that He does not possess love as we do; He is the very definition of love and therefore cannot do anything that is unloving. The law of non-contradiction states that something cannot be both true and untrue at the same time.

God is not only love, but He is perfect justice as well. Justice requires adequate payment for sin. The only just punishment for high treason against our perfect Creator is eternal separation from Him. That separation means the absence of goodness, light, relationship, and joy, which are all facets of God’s nature. To excuse our sin would require God to be less than just, and to allow sin-tainted humans into His perfect heaven would render that place less than perfect. That’s why only the perfect Son of God could go to the cross in our place. Only His perfect blood was an acceptable payment for the debt we each owe God (Colossians 2:14). When we refuse Jesus as our substitute, we must pay the price ourselves (Romans 6:23).

God gave us the freedom to choose how we respond to Him. If He forced us to love Him, we would be robots. To give us no option but obedience would be a violation of our free will. Love is only love when it is voluntary. We cannot love God unless we have the option of not loving Him. Because God honors our autonomy, He will never force surrender or loyalty. However, there are consequences for either choice.

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24 thoughts on “The question is NOT, “What Will you Do with God”…

  1. Condreth Ruthenberg says:

    to those who do not recognise jesus Christ and do not ask his help will or is suppose to end up in everlasting fire. losing his life as human being. note the sentence of jesus Christ asking humans to believe in forgiveness and saved through faith. no one can save himself when the time comes. God is a loving god but because of free will, we lost our security to be saved automatically. because we want freedom to do our own way. which is very scary as we all know how it all end up. the loving God is no longr in control because humans wanted to be free from Gods, love of nurturing and discipline of the law on how to be under zgods power and protection. when God give his love away out from humans, we are totally on our own. that is why we need to connect to him again. but we stumble all the time as we have sinned and sinned as usual as we cannot handle the challenges of being alone without Almighty Father guiding us on our ways. that is why we are in troubles. mind, body and soul. because we are on our own. but to those who ask and pray for guidance, they are protected by the Holy spirit. and so life as it is.

  2. Beverley Solomon says:

    God gives Everyone an opportunity to make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives,while they have breath they have a choice..But once their breathing stops nd they die without Christ they chosen themselves to go to a place called hell.

  3. Celso Baguio says:

    Hell is a real place, many people don’t believe its reality. But their unbelief cannot change the fact. It’s too late to believe when they are there burning day and night forever and ever.

  4. Jonathan K Owusu says:

    I think the grave yard (hell)many people don’t believe it’s there everyone accordingly,because some churches are saying there’s no judgment ,especially Jehovah’s witness are not believe there’s hell &condemnation.

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