The River

My church and those around me will recognize exactly what I mean when I say "The River" almost immediately. Back in April 2006 the Lord gave me a vision about The River. It has been a driving force in my life and ministry for 5 years now, but I must confess, I have often become frustrated with what I have seen and not understood how things are developing in the church where I pastor. Recently I became acquainted with a man on Facebook who felt led to send me a book. I have started reading it, and I have to tell you, it is as if God Himself penned the words as they are speaking directly to me, the vision that God has given me and what has been happening. As it usually is, I've come to see that it is not that "God is messing up" but rather, He was not doing things in a way that fit MY PLANS and expectations. I'm beginning to get it through my thick skull what it means to be a "River" Church. I'm more excited now than ever... as I'm beginning to see what it is that God has been trying to do, if I will just stop getting in the way! 

I don't know about you... but some times I think God must look at me and say, "Are you just about ready to do it my way?"  Sure am glad He is patient!