The Unretrievable Deeper Thought Ministries (YouTube) There are two things…

The Unretrievable
Deeper Thought Ministries (YouTube)

There are two things in life that can never be recovered.
1) A word once it has been spoken
2) A moment once it has passed
Proverbs states that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”
With our words we can either choose to build a relationship or to tear it down. To bridge the gaps in people’s lives, or to burn the bridges. The majority of sin comes from the tongue. Words spoken with poor attitudes, profanity, lies… Our words provoke confrontation. There would never be a physical or verbal assault without a harsh word spoken first. There would never be an adulterous relationship without there first being inappropriate flirting. Proverbs also states that “A word spoken out of place is line an ankle out of joint.” And, again, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” We would avoid most problems in relationships if we would learn to use patience before we speak and take the time to understand the consequences of the spoken words. Wounds sink deep and sometimes never heal.
Every moment of our life is an opportunity to make a difference to someone or a situation. Once that moment has passed it cannot be recovered. I’m probably one of the worlds worst when it comes to procrastination. I always think I don’t feel like it right now, or it can wait until tomorrow. That is a dangerous mindset when it comes to opportunity to help a someone. There may not be a tomorrow for them…or you.
Christ always made time for others, even when he wanted time alone. When he would get away to pray he would look up and see someone coming. Yet, rather than brush them off he had compassion and put their needs ahead of his own.
Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York said this…
“Live everyday as if it is your last. Because one day you will be right.”
We may think this sounds cliche, but it is truth. People and moments are priceless opportunity. Love well and live well.
Much love to all.

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