This is not heaven!

Preaching Sunday, I felt strongly the influence of the Lord that this present world is not our final home and we must not expect heaven now. In fact, the waiting of our lives for heaven requires us to live in this fallen world amidst the pain and struggles and not give up hope. Sometimes since Kathy died, I feel a sense of empty hopelessness but it cannot remain in my heart because there is another day and Jesus and Kathy are already there in that future.

Heaven is real and I plan to go there. Until then, I’m thankful today for:

• The love of my two sons, their wives and my growing group of grandsons and granddaughters (six total by Thanksgiving).
• The support of my other family, parents, my sister Lynn, Kathy’s family and the many friends and colleagues I have.
• My GriefShare buddies and friends who have enabled me to realize my own grief journey and that my identity is not “the grieving spouse” but “a person who is grieving.”
• My memories of a precious loving, devoted wife and life partner in Kathy.
• A place to live, a place to work for God and a future to believe in.

Tomorrow is ahead of me and there is no stopping its inevitability. I can embrace it and allow God to take me where He wants me to go. Wherever that is–I know it is going to be okay.