This Pope actually told the students they need to stop…

This Pope actually told the students they need to stop sharing their faith. And the words he used to say it? WOW! Many can see with their own eyes now that 2…

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32 thoughts on “This Pope actually told the students they need to stop…

  1. Stephen FY Teng says:

    >>>If that is true, the blood of sinners will surely be upon him, if they die without God’s plan of salvation, right ? And more so for him, if he is in hell of fire with much remorse & many regrets, right ?

  2. David Ortiz says:

    “Mystery Babylon The Mother Of Harlots” colors are scarlet and purple. All that remains of the Roman Empire as seen by Daniel in his endtime vision, is only in the from of the Roman Catholic Church. This Mother Church is a world power today. This Mother Church proudly parades her scarlett cardinals, and purple bishops.
    This Roman Mother Church annual makes the merchants of the world rich, through her winter solstice pagan holiday called christ-Mass, where all the merchants claim to come out of a red deficit into a black surplus known as “Black Friday”.
    The Prophet Jeremiah said these peoples religion is vain, who go to the forest cut down a tree bringing it home, and they deck it with silver and gold. Also the Roman Empire’s seaports ruled the entire world as they initiated world trade.
    Rome first became drunk on the blood of the saints beginning with the crucification of Jesus, the murder of the apostles, and the murder of the early Church. Rome martyred the Christian Church by feeding them to lions in crowd cheering colosseums. The Roman Emperor Nero lit Christians on fire all night long to keep his long driveway lit up at night.
    After hijacking Christianity at the Council of Nicaea the imposter Roman Catholic church continued the drunkenness of her murdering rampage. Under her 88 popes they murdered 50 million people for 600 years for not embracing “THE MOTHER CHURCH”!
    They burn Jews alive in cages in town squares for keeping the 7th day Saturday Sabbath. And you could not say salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone. You had to say salvation only comes through the Mother Church or you would be tortured.
    All this is historically documented with museum artifacts, as History calls it the “Catholic Inquisition”. They killed people thinking they were doing God a service.
    The Roman Empire’s Church is historically documented with museum artifacts of torture tools used to on those not of the Catholic faith during this several centuries spanning the Catholic inquisition.
    The Roman Mother Church remained drunk with murdering saints and prophets.
    The Roman Mother Church is carrying on the doctrine of the “Queen of Heaven” changing her name from Ishtar to Mary. The golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication is her necromancy of the dead, her cathedrals are littered with evil demonic gargoyles, scaling all these houses of idol worship, and her pedophile priests molest childrenhood innocence in the name of God.
    The literal definition of the word “VATICAN” means “Divining Serpent”. The call is to come out of this false Pagan form of christianity, or recieve of her plagues.
    As long as people look elsewhere for the Mother of denominational harlots who also carry her paganism and falsehoods, she can continue to say, “I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.” Come out of her!

  3. Diane Sands says:

    It fascinates me to see people who KNOW they are going to crash and burn, who know the gospel and end time prophecies and that are still serving the enemy. How brainless… Really fascinating

  4. Brian Callan says:

    Vile FALSE PROPHET! I still think When PRINCE WILLIAM becomes KING WILLIAM he will be the ANTI-CHRIST! Years ago MUSLIMs said they wanted to turn BUCKINGHAM PALACE into a MOSQUE! They are currently/stupidly trying to build a bridge from England to Ireland so we are also fu•ked! The plantations of Muslims will come over and kill the CHRISTIANS soon when they get the order from the ANTI-CHRIST! But then WOMEN hold serious positions in the world and they are one letter away from DEMON and with the FEMINIST AGENDA they have started murdering IRISH BABIES via ABORTION!

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