To my Muslim friends on this page. If you can…

To my Muslim friends on this page. If you can claim Jesus was alluding to Muhammed in John 15:26, and hold that to be true, then you must consider the words of the Gospels to be true. But then you have to reconcile this: The Quran denies that Jesus died on the cross, that his apparent death is an illusion. If this were the case then why would the disciples claim he was resurrected? John chapter 20 speaks of Thomas seeing and touching Christ’s wounds from when he was nailed to the cross. So if what we assume was that the disciples and the other 500 individuals who Paul claims saw Jesus following the Resurrection, was merely a hallucination, which makes no sense, then we could verify what the Quran says. But too much adds up that disqualifies the claims of the Quran.

If you claim one thing written from the Gospels to be correct, then you also need to evaluate if what is written in the Quran aligns with what the Gospel or the “Ingil” says as well.

Edit: This is not to mock any Muslims, I sincerely welcome anyone to talk to me whenever I post on this page.

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