The Easter Red Egg

The Easter Egg has many meanings

The white color, represents the white marble tomb, where Jesus Christ’s body was laid after He was taken down from the Cross. Also the egg is a symbol of life. From the tomb life came out, the Risen Lord.

Dying the Eggs Red


The orthodox faithful dyes the eggs red because the Roman soldiers put on Jesus Christ a red cloak, as King of the Jews, while they were mocking and torturing Him.

There is also a recorded historical event and a miracle that happened 2 years after the resurrection of Christ, outside Jerusalem.

Mary Magdalene was carrying a basket full of white eggs. She heard the new governor after Pontius Pilate will be passing from there. On the middle of the road she put the basket full of the white eggs and stooped the Governor saying:

“Welcome to Jerusalem oh Respectful Governor! I wish you will be righteous to the citizens of Jerusalem and will not be unrighteous like your predecessor Pontious Pilate. He, in vain, crucified the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He was threatened and He put Him on the Cross and He resurrected on the third day”

She explained all the miracles that He performed and His life.

The governor on the horse was listening to her. At the end of the conversation he said to Mary Magdalene:

“If all the accounts you told me are true, let these white eggs that you put in the middle of the road become red. Then I will believe all you said about Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”

Immediately all the eggs turned red and Mary Magdalene gave one red egg to the governor Tiberius and one she kept and said:

“Christ is Risen” and he replied: ” Truly He is Risen”

From this event we have the greeting Christ is Risen and Truly is risen and also the red eggs.

In Jerusalem, today, at the sight where this event took place there is a Russian Church, which is a convent and called Saint Mary Magdalene or of Magdala Monastery. At the monastery on a wall there is a large icon depicting this event. The orthodox Christians use this greeting (Christ is Risen / Truly He is Risen) for 40 days. Replacing, Hi! , Good morning, good evening, good night.

Unfortunately this tradition started to fade out. The initials of Christ is Risen also is drawn on red eggs with gold pen.

In Greek is Christos Anesti / Alithos Anesti, XA. In Arabic is El Messih Kham / Hakkin Kham. In Slavic is Christos Vaskrese / Voyistina Vaskrese, XB. In Romanian, Christos Aviyat/ Beredetit Aviyat, HA. Etc.

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