Today the Pentecostal Theological Seminary will be hosting a service…

Today the Pentecostal Theological Seminary will be hosting a service for campus students who are under the fear of Donald Trump being president elect and of Hillary losing the election. They will be comforted by prayer and scripture reading.

When I was a Lee student there were two elections one in 68 and another in 72. Richard Nixon won both elections. Hubert Humphrey lost by 800,000 popular votes and had 191 electoral votes in 1968. In 1972 Nixon won over George McGovern by almost 2 million popular votes and McGovern had only 17 electoral votes.

Can you imagine Lee College having a special service for students struggling over Humphrey or McGovern’s election loss.
Were there young girls or boys weeping and would they have been brought together for prayer and scripture reading.

Even more would this be a disguised political rally encouraging students to not loose their liberal ideology.

Will Cheryl Johns accomplish a resurrection of young girls in the support of women becoming ordained bishops in 2018?

I never knew there were presidential elections in 1968 and 1972 I was too busy studying, dating and going on PFC invasions! I got married in 1972!

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